Windows and Email Accounts For New Employees

Supervisors and Division Deans of new-hires must fill out the 105-45 online located at:

Scroll down until you see 105-45, and then click on the green globe icon that is over to the right.  You will be prompted to login with your NVCC account.

There will be an approval process, whereby whoever initiates a 105-45 will have one or more approvers that need to approve the request before it is routed to the IT Help Desk. The approvers can be found at the bottom of the 105-45 after the creator submits it. The creator can track the status of the request after submitting it simply by returning to the link above. The accounts will not be created until the last approver approves it. 

The online request form is also used for Blackboard, AIS, SIS and all of the usual accounts that employees use at NOVA. You can also request new phones, phone numbers and cell phones via this same link.