SLA-Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Updated May, 2018

Contact Methods

Our customers are encouraged to call the college’s IT Help Desk, 703.426.4141, or e-mail the IT Help Desk account, for IT support. Customers may call IT Staff directly on 703.845.6226, including the IT Manager, if they feel they need to contact campus IT Staff. They are encouraged to call the IT Help Desk first.

All customer calls for support are documented with IT Help Desk Tickets using the college’s trouble tracking system, Smarter Track. The Help Desk assigns a ticket number for the customer and refers the ticket to Alexandria Campus IT Specialists. The system is monitored by the specialists during hours of operation.

Alexandria IT Staff will also create Help Desk tickets if customers contact IT Staff directly. Alexandria IT Staff may also contact ITSS Network Engineers for escalated support.

Hours of Operation

Alexandria IT is open Mondays through Thursdays, 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM, Fridays from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Support is provided on site during these hours unless otherwise posted under Special Hours at the following link:


Please click on the above link to see our Summer 2018 Special Hours.

Please visit the college’s IT Help Desk site for contact information, hours of operations, useful links, tips, and emergency updates:

NVCC IT Help Desk

Supported Services

User Accounts and Student Lab Accounts

    • User Accounts – passwords reset; group membership assigned
    • E-Mail Accounts – passwords reset and assignment to distribution lists
    • Lab Accounts created – passwords reset and group security policy set and maintained


  • Workstation hardware repair
  • Apple Macintosh Computers
  • Classroom technology support
  • Network problem repair
  • Telephone service request
  • Network connectivity (network drives)
  • VOIP Telephone Systems
  • Wireless Connectivity

Web-based applications:

  • Outlook Web Access
  • Blackboard
  • PeopleSoft

The Alexandria IT Staff supports all college approved software:

  • Microsoft Office 2013, 2016
  • Adobe CC
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Remote Desktop
  • Symantec Virus Scan
  • Blackboard
  • PeopleSoft
  • iTunes
  • Safari
  • WebEx
  • VPN

Microsoft Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10,  8, 8.1


  • Mohave
  • High Sierra
  • Sierra

The following items are NOT covered by this SLA:

• New software versions not yet adopted at the College.

• Software versions more than two revision levels behind the release currently available at the college.

• User provided personal software and hardware.


Emergency Support

The IT Help Desk maintains a list of business and personal contact information for two specialists at the Alexandria Campus in the event of major network failures.  Call 703 426-4141 if you feel that you are experiencing an IT-related emergency that requires prompt attention.  You can also e-mail

Priorities and Response Times

During hours of operation the following priority guidelines will be followed:

Priority Level Definition Response Time
1 Multiple labs/offices & users simultaneously down 0 – 20 minutes
2 Single Server Applications affecting multiple users up to 1 hour
3 Single user problems up to 8 hours

Escalation Guidelines

The IT Help Desk escalates help desk tickets to campus IT Staff for those issues that can not be supported over the phone.

The IT Help Desk can call the campus IT Manager directly  and/or via cell phone if it is determined there is an emergency or a customer concern requiring attention.

Campus IT Staff should spend no more than two hours on any given problem. When two business hours are up, the campus IT Manager should be notified. If the campus IT Manager is unable to resolve it within an additional hour, then the IT Manager should contact ITSS Network Engineers for support.


The IT Manager will report statistics including number of resolved help desk tickets and IT-related implementation projects completed.