Student Spotlight Special Thanksgiving Edition: Presenting NVCC-Alexandria CKI President Mehreen Khan!

1236321_230115830475717_2095804739_nMy name is Mehreen Khan. I am a sophomore at NOVA , majoring in Information Technology and Liberal Arts. I came to America about two years ago from Pakistan. I remember how I was debating with myself to apply for different colleges in America. The question, what college should I choose, was a matter of a great concern for me because college was the ladder to the success of my future. I chose NOVA because I was a student looking for leadership and recognition and a quality education in the same package. This acknowledgement from NOVA has brought the dreams that were never conceivable in my eyes into a reality by the doors that by joining NOVA has opened for me. I was born and raised in a society, where people think that girls should be limited to household environment only. My father, Jahangir Azam, gave me that push to make a difference in the society where I belonged to. He never could finish his education and despite all the odds he wanted me study and achieve every opportunity which could make an impact in my life and through which I could inspire other girls to go for great opportunities. Going for higher education was my best chance to step ahead of that mentality.

1390628_247413845412582_978734011_nI am a passionate student and NOVA was the right spark for my passion. Joining NOVA allowed me to get the opportunities which led a growth and development in my career through participation in leadership services. NOVA has made my college experience exceptional by connecting me with the people who had the same level of passion and love for education as mine. I believe that there are no born heroes or winners; it takes a hammer, a chisel, a vision and a will to suffer the blows and be carved into one successful individual. NOVA provided me the opportunity to learn more about myself. All this started when I got involved in college clubs and different other organizations. I am not only succeeding academically but also I am active in the leadership roles in the college.

I am the current president of Circle K International, a service organization formed to help the community through various service projects. I am also a proud student leader on campus and all my efforts and devotions are to make sure that I can help students any way possible. I was also a peer mentor whose job is to make sure that we are helping the pregnant female students on campus and helping couples to reduce any kind of violence and assault. I was involved in student government association as well. All my efforts, from the beginning were to help the community, where I am in.  A person’s personality is the gateway into who they are. My experience at NOVA crafted me into a personality where satisfaction lies in helping others and be an inspiration for many others who aspire to dream and achieve their goals.