Have you ever wondered about the Schlesinger Center?

Schlesinger Center

Have you ever wondered about the Schlesinger Center? 

What do they do there? 

Is it part of the College? 

Is there anything there I might enjoy?

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The Schlesinger Center opened September 15, 2001, and continues to the present, to be a professional concert hall and arts center serving as a rental venue for organizations wishing to present concerts, dance, and other cultural offerings open to the general public.  The facilities are primarily for rental clients’ use including all back stage areas, dressing rooms, toilets and showers.If you know of or participate in an organization that presents concerts or other types of programs, please check the Center website at www.schlesingercenter.com for rental fee details or call Linda Vitello at 703.845.6156.


The public areas of the building are the lobby and restrooms off the lobby areas as well as the Margaret W. and Joseph L. Fisher Gallery.  The Fisher Gallery has changing exhibitions by professional and emerging local artists who submit proposals to exhibit at the Gallery.  Usually there are five to seven exhibitions per year.  Gallery hours are 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday and during performances. All are most welcome to visit the Gallery or attend the Opening Receptions for each Exhibition.  Please call 703.845.6156 to make sure the building is open and the Gallery is available for viewing.

Are there College events at the Center?  Yes!  There are a number of events held at the Center each year including Alexandria Band, NOVA Community Chorus and Alexandria Jazz Ensemble concerts and of course NOVA IDOL finals each year.  There are also meetings such as Convocation, the Job Fair and many others.  Recently the Attorney General, Mark Herring, of the Commonwealth held a press conference here advising that Virginia “dreamers” can qualify for in-state tuition.


How can College Staff access the building?  Feel free to visit the public areas of the building, but please say hello to staff in the “Washington Gas Administrator Suite,” first (That’s Rm 102, the first door on the left after you enter the building).  Any request for use of space at the Schlesinger Center should be cleared through your Dean and will need to be approved by Provost Staff.  Generally space at the Center can be provided Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday on an availability basis.  Call Linda Vitello at 703.845.6156 for availability and to discuss your request.

We look forward to seeing you at the Schlesinger Center.  Please check our Event Calendar at www.schlesingercenter.com and come enjoy the Center!  You are Welcome!