National Library Week Student Podcasts: Jun Choi

Graphic: National Library Week , April 9-15, “In my view, the library is an ideal place to study...It’s one where students are studying hard--and it encourages me to focus on my work." Jun Choi, ESL 51

Hello everyone, and happy National Library Week! We are excited to announce that Shirley Nuhn’s English as a Second Language class is back to remind us of the importance of libraries. Students Jun Choi, Nael Lozano, and Nhi Pham dropped by the Faculty and Staff Resource Center to record podcasts on what libraries mean to them. We will publish their recordings daily, so stay tuned!

Our first podcast comes from Jun Choi, ESL 51:

“Hi, everyone! I’d like to talk about my library experience for National Library Week. It is said that reading is nourishment for the mind. Reading can make our thoughts strong and abundant. When I was in elementary school, I went to the school library every lunch period. I just enjoyed reading books along with friends! Even though we can now use Kindle or a tablet PC for reading, I like the feeling of a book in my hand. The scent of books and feel of paper fascinate me. In my view, the library is an ideal place to study. Study rooms are available for group work too. I like the atmosphere in the library. It’s one where students are studying hard, and it encourages me to focus on my work. Creating this podcast was a great chance for me to look at my reading life these days. I have visited our library to work on my assignments and study for tests. But I haven’t read for pleasure since I came to college. As I participated in this project, I decided to read more. It’s a pleasure to share my ideas with you guys. I’m Jun Choi from ESL 51.”

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