National Library Week Student Podcast: Nael Lozano

Graphic: #National Library Week, #Libraries Transform

Hello everyone! Thanks for tuning into our second podcast for National Library Week! As you might recall from yesterday’s post, we are celebrating with a podcast a day from English as a Second Language students! Today’s podcast comes from Nael Lozano, ESL 51:

“Hi, my name is Nael Lozano, and I’m taking ESL 51: advanced composition. In my opinion, the library is a place where we can get books from medicine to biographies to novels. Furthermore, libraries provide information about rec centers to computer classes and more. Nowadays, books are expensive, and libraries like the one at NOVA provide us with some books to borrow and used books to buy at affordable prices. Therefore, every time I go to the library, I like to read, research for information, and study.

I remember that every Sunday, my mom used to take my brother and me to the library to read and get some books for the week. Since then, I have fallen in love with all the Harry Potter books! As a foreign student, every time I get these books, I was always happy to look for the meaning of words that I did not understand. Furthermore, I believe books enrich our brains and expand our vocabulary. Finally, I love that when I get new books, I gain knowledge and learn more–because we never stop learning.”

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