Non-Top-10 Post of the Year

By all Internet standards, I should jump on the bandwagon and post a top 10 list of my favorite tech stuff this year. But I just spent a week in Disney World, and I’m having a bit of trouble adjusting to the real world here at the office again. Also, here’s a tech secret: Don’t do the work over again if someone else has already done it. So I’m posting my top handful of top lists of tech gadgets (if you have a geek around that you haven’t shopped for yet) and some other lists too. Because.

GeekMom’s Gift Guide: Toys, Games and Apps. I only found Geek Mom today! TODAY! But I’m not a mom, so maybe that’s an acceptable excuse.’s list of great tech gifts. Be warned; this page reorders on reload. In English: Open links in a new page (right-click on the hyperlink for the option) or you’ll think you’re going mad.’s Best Books of 2012 (the link opens to Amazon, trust me)

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