Managing Your Time

Below are tips to help you manage your time whether your course has already begun or as you prepare to start a course that will begin later this summer or fall.

  1. Check the academic calendar. Identify and take note of key dates for a session.
  2. Review each course syllabus. Note due dates as well as contact information for the professor and preferred method of contact.
  3. Create a schedule for studying and completing assignments. Refer to the following resource for time management tips: Time Management Strategies for Success workshop available on-demand through StudentLingo. If your course has already begun make note of the amount of time it took you to complete and submit an assignment.  Adjust your schedule as needed to make sure you are creating an accurate schedule.
  4. Access the Canvas and EdTech Resources for Students course to make sure you are aware of and utilizing features of Canvas. Some features include setting notifications for announcements from a professor and adding to-do items to your personal calendar.  If you need some help, consider attending a free NOVA Student Workshop: Getting Started in Canvas.  Workshops are currently offered on Tuesdays at 6PM and Thursdays at 3PM.  Join a workshop through the Canvas and EdTech Resources for Students tile in Canvas.