Peter Levine at Morven Park

I just wanted to pass along an announcement for an interesting event from our friends at Morven Park:

We would like to extend to you a special invitation for an upcoming event.  We will be officially launching the CivicsNow! program on September 25th at 7pm in the Winmill Carriage Museum with our inaugural “Distinguished Voices in Civics” speaker event.  Our speaker will be Peter Levine, a Tufts University Professor and a leading scholar on youth civic engagement.  He will be talking about the renewal of civic participation on our country.  A great video of him speaking is here:

 Ticketing for the event is at this link:  Please use the promotional code “specialguest” for complimentary tickets. Please feel free to pass this along to any of your friends or colleagues as well.  We’d love to have a great crowd as it is such an important topic.

I hope you all will be able to attend.  It’s going to be a great event!

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