Forgotten Fairfax Event

One of our students, Kathleen Adams, in the certificate program mentioned in class the other day about this upcoming program:

Paul McCray, who has worked for NOVA Parks for over 40 years (and now manages Rust Manor in Leesburg) is holding a talk at Fairfax City Library on Saturday, September 3rd, at 11am, called “Forgotten Fairfax: A History of the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad.” They request registration ahead of time, and here is the link:
This might be a wonderful opportunity for those interested in the history of Fairfax and what happened to the railroad.  Thanks to Kathleen for sharing this information with us!
Dr. Dluger

History 183 – Survey of Museum Practice Syllabus

Hello everyone!  I am teaching the History 183 – Survey of Museum Practice course this upcoming Fall 2016 semester and I have put together the final draft of the syllabus.  History 183 – Survey of Museum Practice – Syllabus – Final Draft

You’ll find all of the relevant information, such as textbooks required, assignments, and a tentative schedule for our classes.  If you have any questions or concerns about the course, feel free to email me at any time.  If you are familiar with the Introduction to Material Culture course I taught last Spring semester, the workload is very comparable with regards to the readings and assignments.

I look forward to seeing everyone in just a few weeks!  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

-Dr. Marc Dluger