PHY 130 Schedule 14W

Fall 2016

Week 1.
B. Lab Safety
L. Math Review
Week 2.
B. Measurement
L. Motion
Week 3.
L. Forces
Test 1: Measurement
and Motion
Week 4
B. Elastic Collisions
L. Momentum
Practice 2 with Answers
Week 5
B. Inelastic Collisions
Test 2. Force and
Week 6
B. Torque
L. Energy
Practice 3 with Answers
Week 7
Test 3. Momentum, Energy
L. Rotation
Week 8
B. Springs
L. Gears and Levers
Practice 4 with Answers
Week 9.
Test 4. Rotation, Springs,
Simple Machines

B. Density
L. Matter
Week 10
B. Buoyancy
L. Fluids
Practice Test 5 with Answers
Week 11
Test. 5. Matter, Fluids
B. Boyle's Law
L. Heat and Temperature
Week 12
B. Ohm's Law
L. Electricity
Week 13
Test 6. Temperature and Heat,

L. Review
B. Resistivity
Week 14
Finals Week
Practice 7 with Answers
Test 7