PHY 130 Schedule 8W1

Spring 2017 8-Week Schedule of Classes

Day 1Day 2
Week 1Introduction
L. Math Review
B. Lab Safety
L. Motion
B. Measurement
Week 2No Class
Martin Luther King
Practice 1 with Answers
Test 1: Measurement
and Motion

L. Forces
Week 3L. Momentum
B. Elastic Collisions
Practice 2 with Answers
Test 2. Force and Motion
B. Inelastic Collisions
Week 4L. Energy
B. Torque
Practice 3 with Answers
Test 3. Momentum, Energy
L. Rotation
Week 5L. Gears and Levers
B. Springs
B. Density
Practice 4 with Answers
Test 4. Rotation, Springs,
Simple Machines

L. Matter
Week 6L. Fluids
B. Buoyancy
Practice Test 5 with Answers
Week 7L. Electricity
L. Magnetism
B. Ohm's Law
Test. 5. Matter, Fluids
L. Heat and Temperature
B. Boyle's Law
Week 8Practice 6 with Answers
Test 6. Electricity and Magnetism
L. Optics
B. Lenses
Practice 7 with Answers
Test 7