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Learn Directly from the Experts on Vaccine Development (& Safety)

Many students (and non-students alike) have expressed concern about vaccine safety and wondered how a COVID-19 vaccine can be made on an accelerated timeline. They question safety and doubt effectiveness because speed is presumed to translate into sloppiness. However, vaccine research (prior to the COVID pandemic) has focused on how to make all-purpose delivery mechanisms that are then custom tailored to a particular pathogen. If you’d like to dive into the details and see how researchers have done this, years in advance of COVID, watch a lecture by NIH researchers at:


NHGRI’s Short Course on Genomics

Great opportunity in early August to be invited back as an alumnus to the National Human Genome Research Institute’s annual Genomics Short Course teaching workshop on National Institute of Health’s (NIH) campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Super chance to re-connect with staff and meet other instructors refining their teaching plans. Engaging workshops in sequencing and CRISPR-CAS9! Colleagues: plan to apply for next year’s session in mid-January 2019.

NIH Community College Day – Oct. 28

The National Institutes of Health are the nation’s premier federally-funded research labs conducting experiments to further human health. Many of the world’s leading discoveries have been made by researchers at this Bethesda, MD campus, including discovery of the virus that causes AIDS and the complete decoding of the human genome. Every fall, the office coordinating education reaches out to DC-area community college students to: introduce them to what the NIH does, offer tips on networking & resume writing and provide exposure to a network or internship & job opportunities at the NIH. Researchers from all over the world travel to work at the NIH and NVCC students have an opportunity to spend the day through a very rich activity. Looking forward to seeing you at this year’s event!