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New In The NVCC Library: “Aristotle’s Ladder, Darwin’s Tree”

The crack staff at the NVCC-Alexandria library notified me of a new addition to the collection: Aristotle’s Ladder, Darwin’s Tree: The evolution of visual metaphors for biological order. Upon reading the book, by Prof. J. David Archibald at San Diego State Univ, I imagine students interested in biology and also fascinated by graphic design, history (including Ancient Rome) or art would enjoy this 200 page text replete with diagrams, paintings, and drawings. The only complaint? No color, only black and white!  While this may be warranted for pen and ink B&W sketches, it took away much of the visual impact of Ed. Hitchcock’s 1852 Paleontological Chart, which was originally published in color. Odd to omit color, especially for a text focused on visual metaphors. Otherwise, worth reading for students interested in taxonomy and visual organization of information.