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Dear AL Campus Honors Students,image001

On behalf of the Virginias Collegiate Honors Council (VCHC) Executive Board, faculty and student representatives, and committee members, I would like to invite you to participate in our spring conference.

The Virginias Collegiate Honors Council is an interdisciplinary professional organization, and this conference provides a forum for honors students to present their work publicly and to network with other honors students. The theme for this year’s conference is “Pay it Forward.”

The conference will be Friday, April 4, to Saturday, April 5, 2014, at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia.  Participants may present individual papers, group presentations, poster sessions, or art/original work (includes dance, literature, instrumental or vocal music, and poetry).

The conference fee is $90.00 if you register on or before March 14, 2014, and $105.00 if you register after March 14 but before March 21, 201.   For information on how to register, please go to http://www.vchc.net/conferences.html.

We look forward to seeing long-time and new participants this spring at Virginia State University.

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A Winter Weather Reminder from the Facilities Department:


Please be advised that the Virginia State Fire Prevention Code does not allow the following in any college buildings:


Extension Cords   – (605.5)

Space heaters      – (605.10.4) Portable, electric space heaters shall not be operated within 3 feet of any combustible materials……….

Daisy chained power strips (605.4.2) One power strip plugged into another one


If you have any of the above items on campus please remove them ASAP.


Kathy M. Clement

Contract Coordinator

Buildings & Grounds, Alexandria Campus

Northern Virginia Community College

Phone: 703-933-5081

Email: kclement@nvcc.edu

Post Election Conference

POST ELECTION CONFERENCE  | 2013 Virginia Elections

VA Elections VA Elections Schedule

The conference will include discussions on:

  • National Implications of the Virginia Election
  • Implications of the Election for the future of Virginia – State and Local Panels
  • Economic Implications of the Virginia Election

Morning Program (09:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) | AA-196 (Bisdorf Building)

Evening Program (07:30 p.m. – 09:00 p.m.) | AA-158 (Bisdorf Building)


For more information please contact Linda Rodriguez | lirodriguez@nvcc.edu




Parking Lot A-8 will be used for voter parking, due to the construction of the Beauregard Parking Deck.


We are asking that Tyler Building Faculty and Staff park in the BACK of the Tyler Building on Tuesday, 05 November 2013.


This will allow available parking for our voters in the front of the Tyler Building on that day.


For more information please contact Mike Delchamp | mdelchamp@nvcc.edu or Marc Henderson | mhenderson@nvcc.edu

Student Spotlight: Samuel George William Guyidde-Bisase

Samuel George William Guyidde-Bisase


samuel pictureMy name is Samuel George William Guyidde-Bisase and I am a sophomore at Northern Virginia Community College; I am the former Vice-President of the Student Government Association (2012-2013), President of the Debate Club, and Member of the College Forensics and Soccer teams.

Born in Fairfax, Virginia, to Ugandan-American parents, I am the son to Esther Naluwemba Kagulu a nurse and the late Andrew Ssentongo Bisase (R.I.P), a businessman and an entertainer. I have studied from the United States and Uganda throughout my education life. After my father died in 1994, I went to Uganda aged 5, to learn the culture of my forefathers and be raised with help from my relatives (It does take a village to raise a child) and graduated High school in December 2010. I am co-captain of the Northern Virginia community College Soccer team and captain of the college forensics team. (GO NOVA! GO GREEN AND GOLD!)

I was elected by a majority of students during a record breaking voter turnout year. I was able to rally students around an innovative and creative platform. I believe in fostering a Transparent, Capitalistic and entrepreneurial-like mentality to Student Government in order to be more effective in reaching out to all students

Over my year in Student Government, I made sure I fought for the students on every account. I increased outreach of the SGA to numerous student organizations, expanded the outreach from Alexandria City Border lines in order to exchange and enhance our ideas and brand. I focused my efforts on reforming the process in the Senate in order to make it more effective in serving the Student Body; by introducing “Robert’s Rules of Order” to the process. Also, in order to serve the students more effectively, I sent student senators to the Campus Council, Academic Divisions, College Wide Senate, a couple of Leadership Conferences, and the General Assembly in Richmond in order for the student voice to always have a say in any of the executive decisions. Currently I am the President of The NOVA Debators, a club aimed at enhancing critical dialogue through argument in our society while discussing a diversity of issues that boil us up in the past, present and future day.

I believe in the notion that the world is his oyster and the sky’s the limit, and that is why I am a proud member of numerous clubs and societies at the Alexandria campus, a diverse athlete (Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball and many others) and a public speaker. I try to enhance my abilities in all aspects of life, because I am fueled by the Martin Luther King’s quotation; “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead and the unborn could do it no better.”

I already have an Associate’s degree in General Studies and a Certificate in Architectural Drafting, and I am pursuing degrees in Architecture, Law and Political Science.

I am 20, a first generation American who speaks English, French, Swahili and Luganda, very interested in Entertainment, Politics and Sports, and hope with the success I achieve to help the society in Uganda with the  education I attain to improve and enhance their standards of living, from education to their way of life.