Thanking our Veterans!

photo (3)  As veterans we stand with a proud tradition of service to our country. We realize first-hand the sacrifices that are made on our behalf and others. We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve in the United States Army.  Our veterans deserve our gratitude and support whenever and wherever possible.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to military families, although they are not on the battlefield with their love ones, they also serve and sacrifice.

Don’t wait until Veteran’s Day to thank one!


Faculty Make-up During Finals

 Finals for the Fall begin December 1oth.

As a reminder we do not proctor faculty make up exams during this period.  An exception to this policy is for students that have a current Memorandum of Accommodations on file. 

The Reading and Writing Labs are also closed during finals as well to accommodate our over flow needs.

You may contact Candice Bowman @ (703) 845-6052 if you have a specific concern regarding these policies.