Updated Website and Addresses

If you’ve been on the Northern Virginia Community College website lately, you should have seen a few changes.  With the new designs has come a few other changes as well.  Our website has changed and the links to our hours and blogs aren’t present.  While these items are being worked on we’d like to provide this information for your convenience.


website: www.nvcc.edu/alexandria/testing


blogs:  blogs.nvcc.edu/altesting


Twitter: twitter.com/alextestctr


Placements: ww.nvcc.edu/testing/placement.html







Enjoy your summer and keep learning!


During the Test–Test Taking Stategies


There are also some things to keep in mind when you are TAKING the test.

  1. First, read the directions carefully!! Many points have been lost because students didn’t follow the directions.
  2. Remember to preview the test to see how much time you need to allot for each section. If the test is all multiple choice questions, it is good to know that immediately.
  3. Work on the “easiest” parts first. If your strength is essay questions, answer those first to get the maximum points. Pace yourself to allow time for the more difficult parts.
  4. Find out if you are penalized for incorrect responses. (This is probably covered in the directions. If not, make educated guesses. If there is a penalty, avoid guessing.
  5. When answering essay questions, try to make an outline in the margin before you begin writing. Organization, clear thinking, and good writing is important, but so is neatness. Be sure to make your writing legible.
  6. Save time at the end of the exam to review your test and make sure you haven’t left out any answers.

Good Luck!