Happy Thanksgiving Break!

It’s that time of year again, gentle readers. Since I already gave you a dancing turkey video (see previous post), I’m keeping this post on the short side. Here are two sites for which I am thankful:

Copy Paste Character

I think I may have covered this in the New Horizons rundown (wow, that seems like ages ago!) but that was before I realized its true value. One of my weaknesses as a tech-type person is my inability to remember how to access special characters in MS Word (or any other application). With this site, I can continue on in my ignorance. You can choose any special character you need from this site’s comprehensive lists, click on it, and paste it into any application you like.


Want to know what’s on sale on the internet (or in stores, if you actually go to malls and stuff, which I don’t)?. Check out Dealnews every day. Want to know what’s on sale for Black Friday? Check out the Black Friday section! I’m hoping for a cheap off-market tablet that I can mount in the kitchen, because I use my iPad right now to access recipes but I’m always worried I’ve left it on the burner or in the fridge.

So have fun, be safe, and enjoy the holiday!