Senior Leadership Seminar

Hosted by The Virginia Network, the Senior Leadership Seminar is a professional forum led by leaders from across the Commonwealth that unites emergent women leaders with established leaders in higher education spanning institutions statewide.

“The Senior Leadership Seminar focuses on three core areas: personal development, professional development, and trends in higher education. During each meeting, speakers and guests join the group to discuss critical issues facing higher education from a variety of perspectives. The unique feature of the Senior Leadership Seminar series is the mix of administrators from both the public and private sectors, from two-year and four-year institutions, and from a wide variety of functional roles. This mix brings together knowledge and experiences which greatly enhance discussions and group interaction. Participants have found professional colleagues with whom they can discuss problems, share perspectives, and gain support and assistance in professional growth and mobility. As a result of the strong bonds among members of previous classes, the seminar series has active alumnae who continue to work to enhance the advancement of women in higher education throughout the state of Virginia.” (The VA Network SLS)

Each year, NOVA sends 2 women to the Senior Leadership Seminar (one faculty and one staff). The former seminarians nominate applicants to apply for the seminar. After reviewing all of the applications, the former seminarians vote for one woman in each job category to go to the seminar. The Institutional Rep sends NOVA’s chosen candidates to the board for review against the Senior Leadership Seminar’s internal requirements. The call for applicants goes out in April and has a quick turnaround for selection.  The seminar is kicked off in October. A call for applicants will be sent to all members of the college via The Daily Flyer as well as posted on the blog page.