NOVA’s Senior Seminarians

This is the list, in reverse chronological order, of active NOVA employees who have completed and benefited from the VA Network’s Senior Leadership Seminar.

These Seminarians are also looking to nominate colleagues for the next SLS year. Please reach out to any of our Seminarians to learn more about their experience or how they are currently contributing to the College.

Class of 2021-2022:
Camisha C. Parker, Associate Dean of Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, and HVAC





Kelly L. DeSenti, Associate Dean of Students, Annandale Campus




Class of 2020-2021:
Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Class of 2019-2020:
Tykesha R. Myrick, Associate Director Federal Relations, College Administration




Melanie Medina, Collection Development & OER Librarian, Annandale Campus

Class of 2018-2019:
Shonette H. Grant, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Alexandria Campus





Dr. Dahlia Henry-Tett, PhD,
Professor, Health and Physical Education Department, Manassas Campus






Dr. Willie Pomeroy, PhD, Director of Accreditation Policy Compliance, College Administration





Class of 2017-2018:
Kirstin Riddick, Coordinator, Technology Innovation in Learning and Teaching, Alexandria Campus




Class of 2016-2017:
Courtney Boland, Coordinator of Student Success, College Administration





Dr. Cynthia Pascal, Ed.D, Interim Associate Vice-President for Student Support and Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Services for NOVA Online


Class of 2015-2016
Emily Miller, Coordinator of Academic Success Center, Medical Education Campus




Class of 2014-2015
Sarah Bogdewiecz, Coordinator, Academic Support Services, Annandale Campus





Class of 2013-2014
Charlotte Calobrisi, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Equity & Diversity, College Administration





Class of 2012-2013
Dr. Frances Villagran-Glover, D.A., Vice President of Student Services, College Administration






Class of 2005 – 2006

Jackie Artis, Executive Assistant to VP of Student Services, College Administration





Class of 2005 – 2006

Dr. Rhonda Myers, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Engagement and Retention, College Administration