PHY 231 Lab

Lab Supplies

Students are expected to purchase their lab supplies. You will be given a specific list in the Syllabus at the beginning of the semester. If you wish to purchase the supplies in advance, you can see the details  here.

Physics 231 Lab Manuals

Lab Manuals v.2021 Lab Manuals v.2019
 1 Vectors (working with spreadsheets) Velocity and Acceleration
Pasco set up: Photogate and Picket
 2 Velocity and Acceleration (data analysis)
Plotting data, linear regression
Working with Spreadsheets
Force Table
3 Projectile Motion (Working with spreadsheets) Newton’s Second Law
Pasco setup: Photogate and Picket
 4 Center of Mass (experiment) Newton’s Second Law (scientific writing)
 5 Torque and Equilibrium (experiment) Conservation of Energy
Pasco setup:  Two Photogates
 6 Linear Momentum (simulation) Collisions and Linear Momentum
 7 Torque and Equilibrium) (simulation) Torque and Equilibrium
 8 Buoyancy and Density (experiment) Buoyancy
 9 Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Simple Harmonic Motion
 10 Measuring g with a Simple Pendulum (experiment) Gas Laws
Pasco setup: Pressure Sensor

Lab Reports

Here are the Lab Report Guidelines and Grading.

Sample Lab Reports

Lab Safety

All students must abide by the Lab Safety Rules while present in the physics laboratory room.

All students must complete a Lab Safety Quiz posted in their Physics Lab Blackboard  Site before they are allowed to enter the lab.