Physics Laboratory Activities


The following are the regulations enforced in the physics laboratory room. Students will be asked to acknowledge that they have received, rad, and understood the physics lab safety rules.

  1. No students will be permitted in the laboratory without an instructor. No visitors are permitted.
  2. Students may NOT begin working or gathering supplies and equipment until their instructor is present. Do NOT touch any equipment or supplies without specific authorization.
  3. ALL experiments performed in the physics laboratory must be approved by the instructor. The following activities are FORBIDDEN in the physics lab
    1. Replacing, swapping, or moving equipment that has already been set up by the instructor or laboratory staff.
    2. Downloading, installing, removing, or modifying ANY software on the lab computers
    3. Browsing the Internet for non-lab related information.
  4. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the laboratory. If you have a medical condition requiring an exception to that rule, notify your instructor.
  5. No one will be permitted in the lab with bare feet, sandals, or shoes that do not provide toe coverage.
  6. Some experiments may require students to wear protective gear such as aprons or safety goggles. Students must purchase their own shatter-resistant goggles and wear them on the days such experiments are scheduled.
  7. All aisles must be kept open at all times. Personal belongings should be kept below the table and out of the working area.
  8. Leave your lab bench as you found it. The equipment should be in the place and state as it was when you entered the lab. The lab bench area should be free of debris.
  9. Students must know the evacuation routes and lab emergency safety procedures (posted on the wall by the lab door). In case of an evacuation emergency, turn off any running equipment except for computers and follow the established college evacuation procedures.
  10. Report immediately all unsafe conditions, unusual odors and personal injuries to the instructor or a staff member.
  11. Stay out of restricted areas including the prep room. Observing the warning sign on the door of the prep room.
  12. Students who do not follow the physics lab safety rules will be expelled from the laboratory.
  13. Material data sheets are located in the prep room, and are available to anyone who wishes to read them. A copy of the Alexandria Campus Hazard Communication Plan is on file in the science prep room, and is available upon request.