PHY 232 Lab

Lab Safety

All students must abide by the Lab Safety Rules while present in the physics laboratory room.

All students must complete a Lab Safety Quiz posted in their Physics Lab Blackboard  Site before they are allowed to enter the lab.

Electric Circuits Lab Experiments

Students must purchase their own lab equipment that consists of an Arduino Kit and a Multimeter. There are also lab kits available to loan from the Alexandria campus Library.

  • Crenova Multimeter or equivalent. If you are not using the Crenova Multimeter, you must make sure you have alligator clip wires such as these.

  • A small electronic screwdriver to place the battery inside the multimeter. Any type will work as long as it is small enough to fit. Here are some examples: Type 1 or Type 2

Here is the Lab Manual with all electric circuits lab experiments.

Lab Manuals


Off-campus Experiments and Simulations  On-campus Experiments
 1 Standing Waves Standing Waves
 2 Measuring the Speed of Light  Air Column
 3 Working with Multimeters  Equipotential Lines
 4 Measuring Resistance  Ohm’s Law  1
 5 Resistors in Series and Parallel  Ohm’s Law  2
 5 Measuring Volts  RC Circuits
 6 Ohm’s Law   Q/M Ratio
 7 Equivalent Resistance  AC Circuits
 8 Loops and Junctions Ray Optics: Index of Refraction
 9 Mirrors  Ray Optics: Lenses
 10 Lenses  Interference and Diffraction
11 Wave Optics  Analysis of Light


Lab Reports

Here are the Lab Report Guidelines and Grading.

Sample Lab Reports