PHY 201 Lab

Lab Safety

All students must abide by the Lab Safety Rules while present in the physics laboratory room.

All students must complete a Lab Safety Training and acknowledge it by signing a sheet during their first lab

Lab Reports

Here are the Lab Report Guidelines and Grading.

Sample Lab Reports

Physics 201 Lab Manuals

Lab Assignments  In-lab Experiment
 1  Lab Safety Velocity and Acceleration
Pasco set up: Photogate and Picket
 2 Vectors Force Table
 3 Theory Section of Lab Report Newton’s Second Law
Pasco setup: Photogate and Picket
 4 Conservation of Energy
Data Section of Lab Report
Conservation of Energy
Pasco setup:  Two Photogates
 5  Linear Momentum Linear Momentum I
Linear Momentum II
Pasco setup:  Two Photogates
 6 Data Section of Lab Report Torque and Equilibrium
 7 Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Linear Regression, Slope
Simple Harmonic Motion
 8 Simple Pendulum
Plotting non-linear graphs
Standing Waves
Air Column Resonance
 9 Air Column Resonance
 10 Gas Laws
Pasco setup: Pressure Sensor
 11 Specific Heat