Videos are finally available to view

Please go to the “videos” tab of this site to view some newly-posted videos from past students. Because of space allocations, many videos were not included on their own but a montage of some of highlights were included. I hope to rotate out some of the videos in the coming weeks/months too.
In addition, we hope to have the class music video and documentary available soon.
Happy viewing!

Photography Courses at Woodbridge

In our highlight of film courses on the Woodbridge campus, here is what Professor Gail Rebhan says about the photography deaprtment:
“Photography courses at NOVA-Woodbridge are offered year round from introductory to advanced courses, from black and white film to digital. Gain control of your camera and discover techniques that can create great pictures. Learn exposure control and aesthetics. Create meaningful images or learn about the history of photography.”

If you have any questions about the photography courses, you may contact Professor Rebhan at

Publicity for PHT 130 Class

Here is an article in the NOVA newspaper, NOVA Fortnightly,¬†(serving all Northern Virginia Community College¬†campuses and satellite locations), detailing one writer’s observation of the PHT 130 (Video Production I) music video shoot this past spring 2012 semester.

As this program continues to expand, we are hopeful to include bigger and bigger projects, involving many industry professionals to add to the learning experience.

Starting next week on this blog, we will start highlighting the film courses offered on this campus, so please check back.

Also, we hope to premiere both the video itself and the behind-the-scenes documentary in about two weeks.

Raffle Winners

Congratulations to those who entered the raffle contest.  We selected four winners last week in a random drawing of those students who signed into the music Website.

Matt Sita was our big winner of a brand new Nook eReader.

There were also winners of AMC movie tickets, Tim’s Rivershore restaurant gift certificates, and exclusive WorstKase Scenario demo CDs.

Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope we can continue to do contests like this in the future.