Watch New Student Videos

The main purpose of this blog is to display the talent and hard work of our current students, as well as, demonstrate to future students some of the things they could expect in our film/video courses.

As such, some new student videos have been uploaded to the video page of this site.  Though I would love to add more, I can only host seven videos in the manner in which I do it.  I have included three student videos from the fall 2012 PHT 130 class and the class documentary.  In addition, below – embedded here-, you can view music videos completed by the PHT 130 class in both the fall 2012 and spring 2012 classes and the one completed by the Filmmaking Club in summer 2012:

Fall 2012 Music Video (Eyes Closed)

Spring 2012 Music Video (Dangerous Girl)

Summer 2012 Music Video (Good Life)


Please Welcome…

As we continue to expand our film program on the Woodbridge campus, we are welcoming two new additions to our “crew.”

Demetrius Oatis will be an adjunct professor, teaching video production and editing courses starting in spring of 2013.  He has years of experience in the film industry, most in broadcast, including his current role as a video director for Voice of America.

Jonathan Balsamo will also be joining us in the spring semester.  He will be a special tutor assigned in instruction in video production and editing.  He is currently a freelance videographer in the Northern Virginia area.

We are excited to welcome these two gentlemen on board and we are especially excited for the students, who will benefit from the additional attention and direction.