Festival of the Arts

The Festival of the Arts is currently collecting submissions for the student writing portion of the contest.  There are categories for essay, short story, poetry, and script.  There is a $100 first place prize for each category and one second place prize of $50 for each.  All submissions are due in room 402 by 5pm on Friday, March 15th (you must also include an Entrant’s Card – also available in room 402).

Winners will be announced on Monday, April 1st (no joke).

For more details, including length of submissions and printed information, please contact the Communications and Humanities Division, room 402.

Good luck!

Exciting Events For PHT 131

Here is a look at some of the fun things the students in PHT 131 (Video II) have done so far this semester:

  • A seminar with our theatre director, Dr. Eric Trumball, to discuss casting for films.
  • A workshop from local director John Poague.
  • A “field trip” to DC Camera for their open house event to view and play with all of their equipment, including some great cinema cameras.
  • A hands-on demonstration on steady cam movement.
  • Next week, we have a lighting demonstration from a lighting tech at VOA (Voice Of America).

We will be updating more on the class events in the future.