Office Space Spoof

Just some every day fun when you are part of the film classes on the Woodbridge campus of NOVA (consider this when enrolling for classes for the spring).

Just to let off some steam, we decided we would spoof the printer destruction scene from the cult classic movie, Office Space.

Check it out:

(Professor Chris Stallings with Assistant Tutoring Coordinator, Emily Stinson, and SGA President Josh Siegmund)


Lights, Camera, Enroll…

It is that time again – registration.  Spring registration is upon us and I have already heard a lot of conversation around campus with students that are interested in taking video production courses.

We will be offering both Video I (PHT 130) and Video II (PHT 131) this coming spring 2016 semester.

While Video I is a great course for all things filmmaking and will concentrate on making you a better filmmaker for each student, no matter what starting level of experience, it is by no means basic.  Learn all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production.

Video II is reserved for those students who have already taken Video I (or by special permission by the instructor – Chris Stallings).  Video II will concentrate more on the class working as a small independent film crew and using the time to deepen your understanding of cinematography, including lighting and audio, and you will get exposure to the RED Epic cinema camera and start filming in 5K resolution.

Start becoming a professional in the field now.

However, classes are cancelled quickly if there is not early interest (as determined by enrollment) so make sure you are not disappointed if you wait to enroll.  Do it now and reserve your spot.

Let’s make the next best thing together!