NOVA Woodbridge Promotional Video

Here you go…

Here is the promotional video that was created for AMC theaters that debuts today (make sure you chose to watch in HD to take advantage of the intended quality).

Since we also had the actors and equipment and time, we did a quickly shot series of three “behind the scenes” videos of our actors pretending to be characters that were actors.  Do you follow?

It all helps set up the promotional video.

Check back for future versions of the promotional video as we will put at least one extended version of the promo and one special edition version too.  We will be posting them in the video section of this blog too.

We would like to create more of these in the future, so check back to this site often and remember you could be a part of the excitement by taking film classes at community college prices.  Yes, we love an underdog!

Theater Life

Notice I spelled it theater instead of theatre because I am talking about the movie theaters…AMC to be exact.

As we prepare for our promotional video release tomorrow, my classes this semester were dominated with the idea of the competing “pawn shop” videos that we often see at the movie theaters here in Woodbridge.  As a challenge, I asked for two different pawn shop videos to be spoofed and here is one of them (goofy, yes, but so is the original – tune as well):

Promo Video to be Premiered this Friday

The promotional video we completed for the NOVA Woodbridge film program finally has a release date for the theaters.  It will start to play at the local Woodbridge, VA theaters this Friday, December 6th.

We are excited for the opportunity for our actors to be appear on the big screen and give our great program some new publicity.

We will also be launching both a Facebook and Twitter account as well and posting the promotional video, as well as, the behind the scenes videos on these social network sites.

I will, also, be releasing an extended version of the video as well, so check back when you can.

And don’t forget we are in open enrollment now for spring 2014 classes so come to NOVA Woodbridge and experience the magic of our new film program.