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App of the Week – CardStar

CardstarLogoAs the avid shopper that I am, over the years, I have built up quite the collection of store cards, otherwise known as “points cards” “club cards” bonus cards” or “rewards cards”. I have been seen many a day holding up the checkout line while rummaging around in my purse for the right card, and you know I’m not the only one…. Some people collect the ‘credit’ sized cards, some people collect the mini cards and keep them on their key-chain. Either way, there are far too many of them, and as useful as they are, it’s just a pain trying to find the one you need right when you need it.

CardstarImage2CardStar is a great app to help you get rid of all of those annoying cards, but still get your points and discounts. Once you download the app onto your phone or tablet, you can start adding cards. CardStar allows you to enter the card number manually, or “scan” the bar code by taking a picture of it. Your cards are entered into CardStar in alphabetical order by the name of the store so they are easy to find when needed.

CardstarImage1When you enter the checkout line and are ready to access your store card, simply open CardStar, scroll down until you find the name of the store. Select the store name and allow the cashier to scan the bar code.

You also may notice that a little gift tag icon appears next to some of the store names. This means there is a store offer or coupon available. Click on the gift tag and follow the directions to access the offer.

Please note that CardStar doesn’t work for payment cards or credit cards, or for any card that uses a magnetic strip rather than a bar code.


App of the Week – Evernote

So is it just me, or is it normal to be obsessed about note writing and list making? My house is covered in post-it notes with reminders of everything from the new neighbors phone number to where I put my head… I also love to write lists  – and when items start getting crossed off the list, I’ll rewrite it to make it neat again.

Evernote logoExample of EvernoteIf you are anything like me, then you will LOVE Evernote. This is a note-taking, list-making app that can be shared across all of your devicescomputer, tablet, and phone. So no matter where you are, you always have access to that list of items you need from the store, or the notes you took at the last meeting with your boss.

The Evernote app is downloadable on you phone and tablet, and you can also access Evernote online from your computer – or from any computer.

Penultimate LogoAnd if you thought that was amazing – wait, there’s more! You can also use handwriting in Evernote!
IOS users can download another app called Penultimate. Evernote recognizes and imports any notes taken on Penultimate.
If you are an Android user you don’t have to do anything.  Handwriting has now been added to the latest update of Evernote. Take a look at the following video for more information.