Canvas Studios

Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media.

Canvas Studio engages learners and instructors. They can share, comment, and give feedback all within the video timeline—and all in real time! That way, learners learn from each other’s insights as well as from the instructor.

Canvas Studio makes it easy for faculty to create engaging video and for students to participate in dynamic conversations as they view the video independently. And it provides a platform for students (who might otherwise be passive and non-participatory in class) to interact and participate.

Instructor Guides

Some Useful Video Tutorials:        

Part 1  Upload an existing media file or YouTube video to your Canvas Studio library

Part 2  Using the screen share option to record your content

Part 3  Delete media, replace thumbnail, share media, download media, change/edit  details, caption the media

Part 4  Add media recording to your Modules

Part 5  Insights and Commenting Features

Part 6  Using Studio for Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions

Part 7  Canvas Studio Quiz Tool