Respondus Lock Down Browser in New Quizzes NOW !!!

The Respondus LockDown Browser is supported in New Quizzes NEW !!!.

The Respondus integration requires an external app, which is the same app used for Classic Quizzes. Once New Quizzes is enabled for an account, the LockDown Browser Dashboard displays both Classic and New Quizzes in the same list.

Student Experience

When LockDown browser is enabled for Classic Quizzes, students open the LockDown browser first and login to their account to navigate to their quiz. When LockDown browser is enabled for New Quizzes, however, the student workflow has been simplified where students begin using Canvas in their regular browser and LockDown browser will automatically launch when the exam begins.

Settings Functionality

LockDown Browser can be selected on a per-quiz basis from the LockDown Browser Dashboard in each course.

Settings for both the LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor are the same for both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes.

The following versions are recommended for accessing LockDown Browser with New Quizzes:

  • Mac
  • Windows (coming soon)
  • iPad 8.2 (coming soon)

Beta Environment Support

Canvas admins can request New Quizzes support be enabled for their beta environment by submitting a support request at This action is only required by admins who want to test New Quizzes with Respondus before July 18. After July 18, New Quizzes will be enabled for all environments and contacting Respondus Support will no longer be required.

To view the releases on the Canvas LMS website, click here.

For additional resources about New Quizzes in Canvas, please visit the Respondus website. Resources will be posted when available.

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