Mastery Paths

Mastery Paths

Mastery Paths allows you to customize learning experiences of students based on their performance. Instructors can enable coursework based on the score achieved on a previous assignment. Mastery Paths is based on differentiated assignments which allows targeted learning activities to be assigned for learners of different levels and sections. For instance, a student who scores above 90% on an assignment could be assigned more advanced work, while a student who scores below 60% could view assignments designed for content clarification and improvement.

Mastery Path Vocabulary Terms

With the use of Mastery Paths, assignments are differentiated and assigned to individual students automatically with no additional work. After the initial assignment/quiz is graded, the student’s score decides which conditional items are allocated to his learning path.

For example, there is a Quiz item which is the Conditional Assignment. That is, based on the Quiz Score, each level learner is designated differentiated assignment. You may choose, for quiz score lesser than 70, will need to complete Page1, Page 2 and Assignment 1. If quiz score is between 71- 90, then the learners need to complete Page 3, Page 4 and Assignment 2. When the quiz score is above 90, then the learners will complete Page 5, Page 6 and Assignment 3.

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