PHY 202 Lab

Lab Safety

All students must abide by the Lab Safety Rules while present in the physics laboratory room.

All students must complete a Lab Safety Quiz posted in their Physics Lab Blackboard  Site before they are allowed to enter the lab.

Lab Reports

Here are the Lab Report Guidelines and Grading.

Sample Lab Reports

Lab Manuals


Pre-lab/Online  In-lab Experiment
 1  Lab Safety Equipotential Lines
 2  Electric Hockey* Resistivity
 3 DC Circuits* Ohm’s Law
 4 LabA. Ohm’s Law Graphs   RC Circuits
Kirchhoff’s Rules*  AC Circuits
 5  AC Circuits*  Q/M Ratio
LabA. Q/M Propagation of error Ray Optics: Index of Refraction
 7  Index of Refraction Ray Optics: Lenses
 8  Interference and Diffraction
 9  LabA. Calculations for the transitions of H in the visible spectrum  Analysis of Light
 10  Radioactive Dating Game* Half Life

*PhET simulations usually require up-to-date Java installation. Check the software requirements and follow instructions for the download and installation. Also, on MAC OS, you need to use Safari to run or download the apps. If the file still does not open, navigate to the folder, CTRL+click on the file and select Java to open the file with.