Dr. Schroder’s Students Create ASC Promotional Materials

Dr. Schroder, Bezawit Eshete, Izaiah McMillian, and Rosemarie Harrington

This week students who created promotional materials for the ASC received certificates of appreciation for their creative work. Nine students from Dr. Schroder’s ENG 111 and ENG 111/ENF 3 classes earned extra credit by creating fliers, posters, and TV slides for the ASC.  Earlier in the semester, these students wrote papers on the benefits of the ASC and/or ways the ASC could improve its services. As part of the assignment, students also wrote a proposal for promoting the ASC. Then the ASC selected seven of the proposals for implementation.

The finished promotional materials can be seen on bulletin boards outside the ASC (AA-229), outside the Annex (AA-234), and inside the Annex. TV slides are displayed on the TV monitor inside the ASC. Stop by to take a look at their work!

Participating students are:
Heaven Asnake
Manavi Basnet
Bezawit Eshete and Izaiah McMillian
Dayanara Garcia
Stacy Lehman and William Seo
Osman Mohamed-Said
Jacob Shapiro