Now you can make a donation to help support NOVA Sexual Assault Services!

NOVA Sexual Assault Services (SAS) is a program operated under the NOVACares Office at Northern Virginia Community College. Its mission is to address the issues of sexual assault, stalking, and dating/partner violence by providing confidential support and services to our college victims and their significant others, as well as to provide educational outreach to the entire college community. If you would like to donate to this program, please go to:, go to ‘make a gift’ and you will be able to submit a credit card donation. The title of the account is ‘NOVA Sexual Assault Services.’ The SAS account number is 11-0523. Thank you very much for assisting us provide assistance to those impacted by these issues.

Questions? Contact….

Connie J. Kirkland, MA
National Certified Counselor
Director, Office of Student Mental Health and Behavior
Northern Virginia Community College
7630 Little River Turnpike, Suite 306
Annandale, Virginia 22003-3796
Phone: 703.323.2136
Cell: 571.422.5339
Fax: 703.323.3764

NOVA Students: Coping Skills Group Has Openings!

NOVA students juggle all kinds of stresses and obligations, from succeeding academically to fitting in socially to managing financial and family pressures. Fortunately, a coping skills group that will focus on the skills, information, resources, and support you need will be starting at the Alexandria campus in June. The group will be limited to 10 students and guided by an experienced facilitator. This is a free service provided through Access Hope.

For more information, please contact Grace Gray, MSW, at 703-281-4928 ext. 424 or

First Meeting:
Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Time: 1:00 pm
Where: NOVA’s Women Center
5000 Dawes Avenue Alexandria, VA 22311-5097
Bisdorf Building