TODAY ONLY: Vote for Access Hope in WTOP’s Contest – Click for a cause!



Please click like for Access Hope in this contest sponsored by WTOP. Access Hope provides free mental health counseling to NOVA Students without insurance.

“I am a board member of Access Hope and the organization is participating in WTOP’s Click for A Cause. Just by selecting “Like” under the Access Hope blurb, you can help us win up to $12,000, which we can really use! No money out of your pocket – just a click of a button. 🙂

Please follow this link and look up Access Hope under “A” and click the Like button. And, if you feel so inclined, please share!

Thank you!

WTOP is giving away cash to your favorite charity! Let everyone know that you support ACCESS HOPE by VOTING today at Http:// Please share with your friends & family! It’s free, easy and could win us $12,000 to help us create partnerships to provide free mental health services to the under-served.

Everyone can cut and paste this blurb to send out to as many people as possible. Thanks so much!

Have a great weekend!