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Cultivating Care and Reaching Out In Kindness, Nov. 2-Nov. 6

Office of Student Life and Office of Wellness & Mental Health present Cultivating Care and Reaching Out In Kindness!

NOVA is a community committed to showing care for all. Consider how you show care to others as well as yourself. Whether through a generous act of kindness or an enriched expression of gratitude, authentic care is what keeps us connected through the greatest of times and through the toughest of times. Let’s be even more intentional in cultivating and intensifying that care this season and beyond. For the week of Nov. 2 through Nov. 6, be on the lookout for daily posts, and check out the two options that we hope everyone will participate in for the betterment of us all.

1. Take a moment to anonymously share a few words of gratitude here, which will be displayed on a “virtual bulletin board” and become a video to be released on Nov. 11.

2. Complete and email the “Kindness Card” to someone you really appreciate or someone who could simply use some extra words of encouragement at this time. The link to access the card is here.

Thanks for ensuring that NOVA’s culture of care is solidified with actions.