Tip of the Week: Managing Stress

Manage Your Stress the Right Way!
All of us can get stressed from time to time but it’s important to learn healthy coping strategies. Stress can affect us in many different ways. By learning coping strategies, you can learn how to reduce stress and gain your self-confidence back!
Below are common signs of stress:
• Trouble sleeping
• Headaches
• Stomach ache
• Depression
• Impatience
• Easily irritated
• Inability to focus
• High blood pressure
• Chest pain
• Poor concentration
• Anxiety
• Fatigue
If you are experiencing any of those signs, then please read the strategies below that you can use every day to deal with your stress:
• Breathe deeply
• Eat well-balanced meals
• Have a positive attitude
• Exercise–even a little bit
• Manage your time
• Listen to music
• Laugh
• Hot baths
• Mediation
• Yoga
• Massage
• Get enough sleep
• Talk to someone
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