Tip of the Week: Grief Support Resources (For July 4th week!)

Individual and group therapy can enormously help individuals deal with grief. No one has a magic formula for “fixing” grief, but it is often helpful to be with others who deeply understand how you are feeling. Many people feel shy about joining a Grief Group, but support groups are a time-tested method of helping people struggling with all sorts of difficulties. A Grief group can provide members with validation and understanding of the intensity of their experience. It can combat isolation by providing members with a compassionate community that will support them in their struggle, while allowing members the opportunity to share their strengths and coping strategies. This sharing provides affirmation and hope that one can survive loss.
Benefits of a Grief Group
• Realizing you’re not alone
• Making connections
• Expressing your feelings
• Learning helpful information
• Gaining hope and strength
• Reducing distress
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