STEM Camps By Week

STEM Camps are up and running in Loudoun, PWC, Fairfax, and Alexandria! Here’s a quick at-a-glance breakdown of which camps are going on each week and where. Camps start June 17 and run all summer through Aug 16 (not all camps are available all weeks). Sign up for STEM Camps at

WEEK 1 June 17-21

Stone Hill Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 4-5
Stone Hill Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 6-8
Stone Hill Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 7-12

WEEK 2 June 24-28

NOVA Woodbridge – Grade 3-5
Marshall High School/Fairfax – Grade 4-5
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 6-8
Marshall High School/Fairfax – Grade 9-12
Stone Hill Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 4-8
VEX IQ Challenge
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 4-8
NOVA Woodbridge, Marshall High School/Fairfax – Grade 6-10
Stone Hill Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 7-10
Cyber 1
Stone Hill Middle School/Loudoun, NOVA Woodbridge – Grade 9-12
Cyber Academy
Marshall High School/Fairfax – Grade 9-12

**No camps July 1-5**

WEEK 3 July 8-12

Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 3-5
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 4-5
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 9-12
NOVA Alexandria, Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 6-10
Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 7-10
Cyber 1
Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 9-12

WEEK 4 July 15-19

Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 6-8
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 4-8
VEX IQ Challenge – Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 4-8
Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 7-10
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 7-10
Broad Run Middle School/Loudoun – Grade 7-12
Cyber 1
NOVA Alexandria – Grade 9-12

WEEK 5 July 22-26

Westfield High School/Fairfax – Grade 3-5
Oath Campus/Loudoun – Grade 4-5
Oath Campus/Loudoun – Grade 9-12
Oath Campus/Loudoun, Westfield High School/Fairfax – Grade 6-10
Oath Campus/Loudoun – Grade 7-10
Cyber 1
Westfield High School/Fairfax – Grade 9-12

WEEK 6 July 29-Aug 2

Westfield High School/Fairfax – Grade 6-8
Patriot High School/PWC – Grade 4-8
Patriot High School/PWC – Grade 7-10
Westfield High School/Fairfax – Grade 7-12

WEEK 7 Aug 5-9

George Mason High School/Alexandria – Grade 6-10
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 7-10
Cyber 1
George Mason High School/Alexandria – Grade 9-12

WEEK 8 Aug 12-16

NOVA Loudoun – Grade 3-5
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 4-5
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 6-8
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 9-12
NOVA Annandale – Grade 4-8
VEXIQ Challenge
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 4-8
NOVA Loudoun, Micron/Manassas – Grade 6-10
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 7-10
NOVA Annandale – Grade 7-10
NOVA Manassas Battleview – Grade 7-12
Cyber 1
NOVA Loudoun – Grade 9-12

STEM Camp 19 – Register Now!

>> Register at (goes live Tuesday Jan 17 at 10am)

Overview, Schedule, Camp Descriptions and FAQs

At NOVA SySTEMic, we have the most exciting and educational summer STEM camps in Northern Virginia! Led by STEM teachers and college students enrolled in STEM programs, our STEM Camp program introduces Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to thousands of grade-school students. 

This summer we offer the following camps:

  • Coding Elementary School (rising 3rdto 5thgrade)
  • STEM ES (rising 4thto 5thgrade)
  • STEM MS (rising 6thto 8thgrade)
  • STEM HS (rising 9thto 12thgrade)
  • VEX IQ Robotics (rising 4thto 8thgrade)
  • VEX IQ Challenge: Ringmaster (rising 5thto 8thgrade)
  • VEX 1 Robotics (rising 6thto 10thgrade)
  • VEX 2 Robotics (rising 7thto 10thgrade)
  • Arduino (rising 7thto 10thgrade)
  • Rocketry (rising 7thto 12thgrade)
  • Cybersecurity 1 (rising 9thto 12thgrade)
  • Cybersecurity Basic & Advanced (rising 9thto 12thgrade)

>> Full summer camp descriptions are on our website STEM Camp Page <<

Camps are focused on hands-on, project-based learning that provides students with excellent opportunities to begin exploring STEM fields and to chart a course for future STEM education and workforce opportunities.


  • One-week camps are only $315.
  • Camps are offered at many of our NOVA Campuses, at schools in Falls Church City, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William counties and Alexandria.
  • Camps run from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • NEW: Childcare available 7:45 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • $25 per week for either, $50 per week for both.
  • Discounts: Multi-Child ($50), Multi-Camp ($50), NOVA/Micron/Oath Employees ($25)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your camps located?

We offer camps in Prince William County, Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Arlington/Alexandria/Falls Church. 

What are your camp hours?

Camp hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

How do I sign up or review my registration?

On our camp website we have links to the registration site for new or returning users. Please visit

Who should I contact with questions?

Please contact a regional coordinatoror the main office

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes. Please add your child to the waitlist on the registration website if you would like to enroll in a camp that is full. Some camps have long waitlists with 60+ students and others have 1 or 2. We do our best to find every student an opportunity. No deposit is required to join the waitlist.

Do you offer before and after care?

Yes, we do. We have before care starting at 7:45am for $25/week, and after care ending at 5:30pm for another $25/week. Students in before or after care should bring a book to read. When possible we will have a few self-directed activities available for students to use, but no instruction is provided.

Is STEM camps a suitable environment for kids with special needs?

Yes and No. We utilize certified teachers who have experience making accommodations for students; however, many of our summer camps are fast-paced, occur in a loud hands-on environment and require group work and high social interaction. You know your child best and some camps may work well and others may not. Please contact us at systemic@nvcc.eduto discuss.

When is the parent showcase?

Parent showcase takes place the last Friday of camp.  Our goal is to give time for the students to show their parents what they learned at camp. The students are needed for the rest of the day to break down and resort the equipment which takes time. Lunch will be provided for campers only.  An email will be sent out with more information regarding the time of the event depending on the camp.  After the presentation, parents may leave and return at 4:00pm for pick-up.

What if I need to change a camp registration, date or location?

Please contact your regional coordinatoror email We will do our best to get your student in a camp that meets your schedule.

What is your student-to-staff ratio?

Depending on the camp, typically we achieve a ratio of 1 teacher per 10 students. 

Can you make an age or experience exception?

We strongly discourage making exceptions. Students are grouped with peers in such a way to optimize their camp experience. Students without the necessary maturity or experience for a higher or more advanced camp tend to struggle to enjoy it.

Do you use Mac or Windows at STEM camp?

We use laptops with Windows operating system for most camps but some use iPads.

Are meals provided?

Students bring their own lunch and snacks every day. On the last day of camp we provide lunch.

How do you support students with food allergies/special dietary needs at camp?

During the registration process there is an option to designate a student as having allergies or special dietary needs and we will accordingly provide a special lunch on the last day of camp for that student.

How would my 6th grader work with a 12th grader? Would they be paired together?

We pair according to age group as much as possible.

Do you provide transportation to the camps?

No, unfortunately not. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange for transportation to and from camp.

When are parents allowed to be in the classroom?

We understand parents may want to visit the classroom that their students will be at on the first day. While we encourage parents to drop-off and pick-up curbside, you are able to park and walk your child to class. Each camp will have a parent showcase on the last day where parents may visit the camp to see what students accomplished throughout the week. Please see the camp description to find specific showcase times. Parents are not permitted to be in the class during regular camp hours.

What is the policy on electronic devices?

Devices are approved by the instructor for emergency purposes or documentation use. Students may use their phones during lunch, planned breaks and before or after camps at their discretion. Students are responsible for their own devices.

What if my child has an appointment during camp?

Please contact the coordinator and/or the camp director. If you need assistance finding out who this is please contact

Can my child miss the first day of camp?

We strongly discourage it, because that is when partners are formed and the fundamentals of camp are set. Ultimately we do allow students to miss a day if there is no alternative.

What is your cancellation policy?

Camp fees are refundable up until May 31 minus the $50 registration fee. Cancellations after May 31 may be granted a partial refund if their spot can be filled before camp starts. There are no refunds for cancellations within 7 days of the start of camp. We do our best to place students in a new camp in case of illness or other family emergency. 

Our registration system, Active, also offers optional cancellation insurance which can be purchased during check out. Cancellations for covered reasons will be honored through this cancellation insurance.

My child is not happy with his/her partner, can he/she change partners?

We encourage teams or groups to try and work it out with the instructor’s assistance. Part of the benefit of hands-on project based learning is developing collaboration and communication skills. Some students struggle in this area and it can be difficult, please contact your coordinator and/or camp director.

Can my child volunteer for camp as an instructor?  

Absolutely!  We are looking for volunteers that are 14 and older.  Please contact your regional coordinator for more information.  

What is the cost of your summer camp?

Most one week camps are $315 per week except for our two week VEX 2 camp that cost $450 for the whole camp. We also help a few other organizations run camps occasionally and those prices may vary.

What is your Tax ID #?

Our fiscal agent for camps is the Northern Virginia Community College. TAX ID # 54-1268263; mailing address associated is 3924 Pender Drive, Suite 170, Fairfax, VA 22030 

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

We strive to make our camps affordable and accessible to as many students as possible in NOVA’s service area. If you need assistance in getting your child enrolled in camp please contact us at systemic@nvcc.eduor the main office at: 703-530-3505.

Do you have any discounts/coupons?

We offer several discounts described below. To receive the automatic discounts, all registrations must be included in a single transaction.

  • Multi-Sibling, an automatic $50 discount is applied at check out.
  • Multi- Camp, an automatic $50 discount is applied at check out.
  • $25 Discount for employees of Micron/Oath/NOVA. Please contact if you need assistance with these.

Registration live for summer 18 STEM Camps!

Registration for our summer STEM Camps is now live! Go to to register.

A few STEM Camp 18 details:

  • 1-week camps are still only $315
  • Camps will be offered in a variety of locations in Fairfax, Loudoun & Prince William counties and Alexandria
  • Camps run from 9am to 4pm
  • There are discounts available for signing up for multiple camps and/or signing up multiple children

STEM Camp 18 offerings include:

  • Coding ES (3rd-5th Grade)
  • STEM ES (4th-5th Grade)
  • VEX IQ Robotics ES (4th-5th Grade)
  • VEX IQ Challenge (4th-8th Grade)
  • VEX IQ Robotics MS (6th-8th Grade)
  • STEM MS (6th-8th Grade)
  • Arduino (6th-10th Grade)
  • VEX 1 Robotics (6th-12th Grade)
  • VEX 2 Robotics (7th-12th Grade)
  • Rocketry (7th-12th Grade)
  • Cybersecurity 1 (9th-12th Grade)
  • Cybersecurity 2 (9th-12th Grade)
  • Pre-Health (9th-12th Grade)

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Paid Internship & Camp Instructor Opportunities!

We have excellent paid internship and camp instructor opportunities for students residing in northern Virginia this summer. Don’t miss a great chance to get a head start on STEM career!

Interns will help develop STEM Curriculum, aid with outreach and EXPOs and prepare for Robotics Competitions.

Camp Instructors will work with students age 8-18 at our STEM Camps, instruct STEM Camp Curriculum & teach one or more STEM camps.

Sign up at and/or

Check out and share our STEM Intern flyer

Invaluable Partnerships make Cyber Camps Possible

Version 2We’re all about partnerships. Over the past 6 years we have developed and operated programs, competitions, camps, and curriculum that have only been possible through the aid of partnerships in our local community. Our efforts to enhance and expand STEM in Northern Virginia have resulted in lasting collaborations with industry, government and school divisions.

That’s the bird’s eye view, at least. We’re also about inspiring and equipping students on an individual basis, and so are our partners. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on STEM camps, which are one of the most effective gateways for students in STEM.

Last month, at West Potomac High School, NOVA SySTEMic Solutions had the privilege to16-259-17 recognize AT&T, FCPS and Ft. Belvoir for their contributions in enhancing STEM camp opportunities for underrepresented students from Mt. Vernon High School. Representatives from each organization were on hand to show support and offer their insights and advice to students who are prospective members of the future STEM workforce.

The focus of the guest speakers was on the cyber security needs for our region, highlighting the vital need for programming and cyber personnel in the workforce and for national defense. AT&T led the way with a $10,000 contribution to enable hands-on robotics (with a programming focus) and cyber security camps for 9th through 12th graders from July 18-29.

DSC_0681 (1)LaTara Harris, Regional Director of External & Legislative Affairs for AT&T, addressed camp students with encouragement about their future: “Leverage the gifts that you have and consider a career in STEM. It’s an absolute priority for our company. We’ve invested over 350 million dollars in ensuring that more students are exposed to the STEM fields. The jobs in cyber security are beyond vast by the time you get out.”

On the government side, Lt. Colonel Christopher Tomlinson from nearby Ft. Belvoir illustrated the numerous cyber security opportunities available in the military and why it’s16-259-23 important: “Cyber is becoming its own domain, its own environment. We’re going to take a whole host of individuals and turn them into cyber professionals operating in that domain, going after threats to networks and information. We’re going to do that in collaboration with educators and industry. That creates power and synergy and you guys are the focus for that.”

DSC_0672The cyber security camp specifically provided students with hands-on experience in networking and computer security, cyber ethics and defense strategies through hands-on activities. Through the visit of these accomplished professionals students had a great introduction to career opportunities through a different type of networking by gaining contacts for possible future employment and internships. After the presentation all the guest speakers stayed to speak with students one on one.

If a career is not yet on the radar for these young minds, NOVA provides a bridge to the professional world. NOVA has a strong cyber security presence, and SySTEMic Solutions acting director Chad Knights was ebullient about what that means for students considering a future in STEM: “NOVA is a leader in cybersecurity education. We offer an16-259-28 A.A.S. in cybersecurity that will ensure you receive training in the hard skills needed to become employable in the field. Even if you are planning to pursue a Bachelor’s degree NOVA is a great place to start. NOVA’s A.A.S. in cybersecurity transfers in full to five institutions including George Washington, Marymount and George Mason. As you plan for your future NOVA is an outstanding local resource available to you. We are dedicated to your success and are here to help you achieve your dreams.”

AOL a perfect stage for STEM camps to engage


STEM camps can inspire career paths. Not just in ideas but through environment. Earlier this summer, when one of our high school STEM camp instructors experienced the atmosphere at the technically cutting-edge AOL campus in Dulles, he said “I want to work here when I grow up.”

We generally operate our STEM camps at High Schools, NOVA campuses and other educational institutions, but this summer we also had the privilege of holding camps at the industry giant from July 22-26.

16-254-76The AOL Dulles campus is an invigorating center of technology and a great place to hold our Scratch Programming, LEGO EV3 and VEX Robotics camps. We hope the experience of such a tech-savvy professional environment makes STEM engagement more memorable and inspiring.

AOL classrooms provided state of the art equipment, including desktop space with embedded outlets and audio and video equipment that allowed competition action to be displayed in real time for the parents. In addition the auditorium provided a stadium element for the VEX 1 competition.

SySTEMic Solutions’ Loudoun coordinator Liz Coffey noted “both instructors and campers 16-254-66asked about how they could get a job at AOL.” The instructors also observed how the professional surroundings generally led to more focus. Sometimes, when campers are in a school environment “they revert back to school behavior,” as one instructor noted.

The success of SySTEMic Solutions depends on sustained engagement from local businesses, creating not only opportunities for prospective STEM students but also a chance for AOL to invest in the future workforce. Jamie Mittleman, Senior Marketing Manager from Citizen AOL, extolled the potential of partnership: “STEM camps invigorate our employees and campuses. Employees want to work at a company that gives back and actively seek opportunities to get involved in their communities. By opening our doors, we are exposing the next generation of leaders to our brands, but also supporting volunteer opportunities for our employees.”

16-254-90And so it proved all week. AOL employees were intrigued by the camps and often observed proceedings. Some asked how they could register their own children in a camp. One 25 year-old employee who was part of the fishbowl group encouraged the VEX IQ campers that they are “getting ahead of the game” and reflected that he did not have the advantage of doing “things like this” when he was young. Other employees offered free new and used books to campers. AOL not only helped in welcoming our program, staff and campers, they were instrumental in logistical planning and even printed the requisite signs and banners in-house. It was a wonderful example of industry collaboration with NOVA and STEM education.

Mittleman also sees the big picture from camp to career to culture: “We’re talking about making the world a better place. We put that mission in action by investing in future leaders, strengthening communities around the globe and empowering our people, partners, clients and audiences to make an outstanding impact on society’s biggest challenges. Engaging students in STEM is so important because we are giving them16-254-84 tools to accomplish what many could only dream of. We are giving them the skill sets to turn ideas into actions.”

This is something we hope our camp students will absorb as they chart a path towards STEM education and ultimately the future STEM workforce.