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Hands-on STEM fun for the entire family, from kindergarten to high school and beyond! Don’t miss the NOVA STEM Day at the Alexandria Campus on Saturday, Dec 7 from 10am to 3pm. This event is FREE, open to the public, and includes a variety of physical and hands-on activities for students of all ages.

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NOVA Alexandria Campus
5000 Dawes Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311

We need Volunteers!
We have many volunteer opportunities for NOVA faculty, staff, and students. Volunteers are the backbone to a successful event and will receive lunch vouchers and a NOVA STEM Day T-Shirt.
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Want to be an exhibitor? 
Contact Liz Coffey


NOVA Systemic – STEM Zone
Learn about programming and robotics using VEX, Sphero, Osmo platforms and more!

A.I. Powered Bionic Arm
Learn about 3D printed, A.I. integrated prosthetics.

STEM Mayhem – Alka-Seltzer Rockets
Launch a rocket powered by chemical reactions!

NOVA Automotive
Hands-on activities related to automotive technology

NOVA Biology – Lights, Camera, Anatomage
Have you ever wondered what your body looks like on the inside?? If your answer is yes, then come explore the wonders of the human body with us as we dissect a DIGITAL HUMAN CADAVER! Get an up close & personal look at your favorite body systems as they rotate in 3 dimensions. No gloves or tools are necessary to be a surgeon here…just bring your curiosity & questions.

NOVA Chemistry – Chemistry in the World
Hands-on demonstrations of chemistry at work in the world, including examples of acid-base reactions and indicators, magnetism, hydrophobicity, density, and chromatography.

American Society of Naval Engineers – FLEET
Come try the FLEET video game and learn how to use video games to teach STEAM concepts and problem solving.

NOVA Geology
Interactive experiments and games introducing visitors to common geological topics including, a stream table experiment, rock identification exercise, and paleontology exhibits.

Global Inheritance – Leading Ladies
How to find STEM in every job.

Gryphon Robotics
Come see a demonstration of a 120lb robot built for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition season.

Nobel Explorers STEM Camp
Learn about solving mazes in the zone, making and printing your own mazes, negotiation and trust games, Scratch 3.0 programming, and AI Chatbot.

Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision
Learn about solving mazes in the zone, making and printing your own mazes, negotiation and trust games, Scratch 3.0 programming, and AI Chatbot.

NOVA – Virtual Reality & Maker Space
Participants will experience real lifelike environment as they will be taken for a “ride” using Google Earth, enter a human body and take a close look at human organs in working conditions and more.

Fun with Math!

STEMZone at YFT Country Fair Oct 5

NOVA SySTEMic is returning to Youth for Tomorrow’s Country Fair & Auctions in Bristow to exhibit the STEMzone!

What is the STEMZone?
The STEMZone is NOVA SySTEMic’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Expo at Youth for Tomorrow’s Country Fair & Auctions. The STEMZone includes exciting hands-on activities such as maker spaces, robotics, cybersecurity, coding, 3D printers, laser cutters, stomp rockets and more!

When and Where?
Saturday October 5th 10am – 5pm
Country Fair & Auctions
Youth for Tomorrow Campus
11835 Hazel Circle Drive
Bristow, VA 20136

We Need Volunteers:
Volunteers will help run various STEM stations in our 60×90 STEMZone tent. We will train you on-site to aid and guide Elementary and Middle School students who will be participating in STEMZone hands-on activities. Besides having a great time education and inspiring students, you’ll also receive a free lunch and T-shirt.
Volunteer Shift 1: 9:30am to 1:30pm
Volunteer Shift 2: 1:30pm to 6:00pm
80 slots available/40 per shift
Sign up at

Hands-On Activities at the STEMZone

OSMO – Coding with iPad (ages 5+)
Use an iPad and the OSMO kit to learn coding. The kit uses physical representation of coding to help Awbie navigate in a self-paced app.

Sphero – Coding with iPad (ages 8+)
Use an iPad and the SPRK+ sphere robot to learn coding. The kit uses an app to drive or code the robot to navigate a maze.

Arduino – Build a stoplight (ages 10+)
The activity consist of assembling an electronic circuit around the Arduino to make a functioning stoplight.

Stomp Rockets – Build and launch a paper rocket (ages 3+)
Use paper to build a rocket with fins and nosecone. Stomp the launcher and see your rocket take flight.

Cubelets – Modular robotics (ages 4+)
Construct robots by snapping the robot blocks together to create unique robots. No coding or wiring required.

Hands-On Demos at the STEMZone

VEX Maze challenge – Drive a VEX clawbot through a maze (ages 7+)
Drive a VEX metal robot through a maze and flip caps and place balls on the field. Park the robot on a platform at the end.

VEX IQ Level Up – Play the VEX IQ challenge game (any ages)
Drive a plastic robot on a field moving and stacking hubs and try to make the robot hang from a horizontal bar.

 Laser Engraver – Get your own keychain made (all ages) 
The laser engraver will engrave and cut a keychain for you on the spot.

CAD – Test out making 3D designs (ages 6+)
Use Tinkercad or Autodesk Inventor to design 3D objects by grouping together shapes to create an object.

3D Printing – Print 3D objects (any ages)
Demos of multiple 3D printers and how a 3D object gets printed.

Arduino – Project display (any ages)
See multiple starter and advanced projects made up by using an Arduino.

VEX Conveyor – See how assembly line works (any ages)
See a small scale mockup of an assembly line and learn how it works.

Locktronics – Electronics trainer (ages 6+)
Learn electronics in a safe and fun way!

Virtual Simulator – Forklift (any ages)
Learn how to operate a forklift using a virtual reality simulator.

More info about the Country Fair & Auctions at:
Admission to Country Fair: $10. Kids 3 and under are free