Ch. 11 Personality

What is the definition of personality?

You should understand these major theoretical perspectives of personality. In what ways are they similar and different?

  1. Psychodynamic approach
  2. Humanist approach
  3. Social-cognitive approach
  4. Trait approach

What was Freud’s explanation for where personality comes from? What is the defense mechanism “repression”? What is the research evidence for and against repression?

How do psychoanalytic/Freudian psychologists measure personality? What does “projective test” mean? What is an example of one? What are the problems and benefits of using the Rorschach?

Name and describe the 5 components in the Big Five. (Hint: Think of OCEAN.) To what extent are these traits genetic?

Describe and give/recognize examples of Locus of Control.

What does MMPI stand for? How was it developed? What kinds of things does it measure? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the MMPI?