Chapter 09 Prejudice

Chapter 9 study questions


What are the definitions of prejudice, stereotype, and discrimination? Be able to provide examples of each. Hint: Be able to identify the ABC words.

What are three kinds of errors that can occur when people use stereotypes to judge an individual?

What are “modern racism” and “modern sexism”? Be able to provide and recognize examples.

What is “implicit prejudice”? Be able to provide and recognize examples.

What evidence supports the claim that racial and gender prejudice is disappearing? What evidence supports the opposite claim—that racial and gender prejudice are not disappearing?

Your book and the class lecture discuss several possible sources/reasons for the development/continuation of prejudice and stereotypes. Be able to define and provide examples of the following:

  • Authoritarian personality
  • In-group bias
  • Out-group homogeneity bias
  • Terror management
  • Conformity
  • Institutional supports
  • Realistic conflict theory
  • Scapegoat theory
  • Illusory correlation
  • Group-serving bias
  • Just world effect
  • Social learning
  • Classical conditioning
  • Operant conditioning


How is prejudice self-perpetuating?

What is subtyping? How does subtyping contribute to stereotypes?

What is subgrouping? What do subgroups do to stereotypes?

How is the self-fulfilling prophecy related to discrimination?

What is “stereotype threat”? How does it influence people’s performance? How can you undo stereotype threat?