Chapter 08

What are the drawbacks of simple hypothesis testing? What is the difference between a statistically significant result and a scientifically meaningful result?

What is a confidence interval?

When do we compute/report a confidence interval? Why do we compute/report it?

Be able to compute and explain a confidence interval for a z-test.

What is effect size? What does it tell us?

What is the relation among p, N, and mean differences?

We will use Cohen’s d throughout the semester. What does d express? What are the conventional cut-offs for small, medium, and large effect sizes?

What is a meta-analysis? Why would researchers do this?

What is statistical power? How do we increase power in an experiment? (You should know four ways to increase power.)

What is sample size planning? Why do researchers do this?

Be able to perform and interpret any SPSS procedures that we do for this chapter.