About PSY 230

Course description: 

PSY 230 studies the changes in human development and behavior across the lifespan, how people change over time, and how and why certain characteristics remain consistent over the life course. The course focuses on the development of the individual from conception to death and follows a life-span perspective on the development of the person’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial growth.You will also gain an understanding of scientific methods and their use for studying human behavior; apply concepts from psychology to new situations; enhance your knowledge of global and domestic cultures; and develop skills in reading about research findings, writing, thinking critically, and presenting ideas orally.


The textbook is “Experiencing the Lifespan, 5th ed.” by Janet Belsky, published by Worth. We will use the online resources. You can purchase the ebook and access directly from the publisher, or bundled with the loose leaf pages in the campus bookstore. We will discuss this on the first day of class.