Ch. 04 Sensation/Perception

Define “sensation” and “perception.”

What is “transduction”?

What does “absolute threshold” mean?

What is sensory adaptation? Can you provide an example?

What are the parts of the eye? How do they transmit information to the visual cortex?

What are rods and cones? What does each type of cell do?

What are the parts of the ear? How do they transmit information to the auditory cortex?

Why do we have two ears, one on each side of our head?

What is the difference between conduction hearing loss and sensorineural (nerve) hearing loss? Which type is more common among rock stars and older adults? Why?

Why do deaf infants have a hard time developing spoken language? What is one technology that overcomes that challenge?

What is the “theme” or main rule of of the Gestalt perspective?

What does “figure/ground” mean?

What is “depth perception”?

What is the critical period? How does it influence perception?

Define and give/recognize examples of perceptual set.

Why is driving while texting so dangerous? Be able to discuss the research on the myth of multitasking.