Chapter 10 Young adulthood

Chapter 10

What are the (universal) criteria for adulthood, according to young people across cultures? What are some cultural variations?

How does the body start to show signs of the beginning of physical aging?

How is obesity defined? What are the causes and consequences of obesity in adulthood? How can obesity be prevented?

What are two changes in cognition that occur in young adulthood? Describe each change and give/recognize examples of each.

Describe Erikson’s theory of emotional and psychosocial development in young adulthood. What is the central task for young adults? What does research show is happening? Describe gender differences in how intimacy and identity develop.

Name and describe the three components in Sternberg’s theory of love. How does these combine into four kinds of love? Name and describe these four kinds of love. Give/recognize an example of each.

Explain how love changes with across time in a relationship.

What are three reasons that cultures have promoted marriage? (according to researchers, not poets)

What are the important traits in a spouse? Describe some cultural differences. (according to researchers)

Describe the cultural splits related to chastity, polygyny, and chooser of spouse.

What are the three variations of economic exchanges during marriage? Name and be able to give/recognize examples.

Identify the four factors that predict marital satisfaction in Western cultures.

What are the five most common correlates of divorce in young adulthood? Why does the United States have the highest divorce rate in the world?

Compare and contrast gay and lesbian partnerships with heterosexual partnerships, and describe how these partnerships have changed in recent years.

List some of American parents’ views of the advantages and disadvantages of having children.

Describe the basis of cost estimates of raising children in the U.S. What will it cost to raise a baby to age 18?

List and describe Holland’s six personality characteristics related to career. Have an example career for each type/characteristic.

Terms to know/understand



intimacy versus isolation

triangular theory of love


arranged marriage

bride price

bride service