Chapter 16 Therapies

Study Questions

What are the different major kinds of therapists? What training/education is involved for clinical psychologists, social workers, counselors, and psychiatrists? Who can prescribe medication?

What is “psychotherapy”? What is “biomedical therapy”? Be able to give/recognize an example of each.

What does it mean to say that a therapist has an “eclectic style”?

Know the basic descriptions of the following perspectives of therapy:



For each type of therapy, be able to describe the goal of the therapy style and the methods/techniques used in each.

Which type of therapy (above) is most closely associated with each person: Freud, Rogers, Beck, and Ellis.

Define/explain these concepts from humanistic therapy: client-centered therapy, active listening.

Define/explain these concepts from behaviorist therapy: systematic desensitization, aversive conditioning, token economy.

Describe/explain the 4 major kinds of biomedical treatments. Be able to name common drugs used to treat anxiety and depression.

Describe/give an example of how we could prevent mental illness instead of treat it after the fact.