Ch. 12 Social psych

Define “social psychology.” What do social psychologists study?

Define these concepts related to group behavior: group, social loafing, group polarization, deindividuation, groupthink, diffusion of responsibility, and the bystander effect. Be able to provide/recognize an example of each.

What is “conformity”? What did Asch’s classic study of conformity (stating which line is the same as the standard line) demonstrate?

What is “obedience”? What did Milgram’s classic study of obedience (teachers who had to shock learners) demonstrate?

What are the definitions of prejudice, stereotype, and discrimination? (Remember, the definitions from class are different than those in your book.) Be able to provide an example of each concept.

How do these biases explain why people use/maintain stereotypes and prejudice:

  1. Ingroup bias
  2. Outgroup homogeneity bias
  3. Illusory correlation

Describe and give examples of unconscious/automatic stereotypes/prejudice.

What is an attribution? What is a personal/internal/dispositional (all mean the same) attribution? What is a situational/external attribution?

What is the correspondence bias (aka the fundamental attribution error)? Can you provide an example?

Describe Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Study. What happened? What did the study show  about the effect of playing a role?